Tomorrow is Full of Promise.


This is Why Bruce Became a County Commissioner and Why He is Running for US Congress.

It is not about one side versus another. It is about who can best help to make our lives better. He invites you to read more about what he thinks, see where he stands, and encourages you to contact him and let him know what you think. Because only through listening, learning and communication can any progress be made. And hearing your point of view is important to him—as it should be to any candidate.

Unfortunately there will always be some who use easy catchphrases to disguise the fact that have no new ideas to offer up themselves. There are even some who see government as evil and forget that our government is basically us. As The Constitution says: “We the people…” Bruce believes we need fresh ideas. We need someone willing to roll up their sleeves, work hard, and remember that there are no simple solutions to complex problems.


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Bruce Davis Believes There’s a Big Difference Between Being an Effective Politician and Just Being Political.

The first listens, learns, and then acts on the issues, while the second only has one viewpoint and is proud of it. To Bruce that’s ineffective and irresponsible. This world is filled with complex problems and to solve them takes real world thinking. Often that means having to reach across the aisle, work to build consensus, and then compromise a bit to achieve a greater good. Some have come to see compromise as a bad word. But Bruce would like to point out that The Constitution and our entire country was formed through the spirit of compromise. Our Founding Fathers didn’t do too badly so maybe there’s something to compromise after all.

Today some speak of a bleak future for America. Their solution is to return to the stale ideas of the past, to close their ears to other ideas, and their eyes to new ways of dealing with problems. Certainly there are challenges. No one doubts that.

For Bruce Davis, Tomorrow is Full of Promise as Well.

One of Ten Children, Bruce's Parents Raised Him to Believe that One’s Goal in Life is to Help Others. They instilled in him a sense of optimism, a belief in hard work, the value of a good education and a drive to excel. They emphasized that he should always try to do the right thing in life. Not for any sake of reward, but because doing the right thing is just the right thing to do. They stressed that he had a responsibility to help others and the community in any way he could.

After graduating from High Point Central High School in 1975, Bruce Davis joined the military. There he served his country honorably for 20 years, and achieved the rank of Gunnery Sergeant/Recruiter in the United States Marine Corps. Upon leaving the military he earned his Associate Degree in Business Administration from Guilford Technical Community College and a Bachelor of Science from High Point University. Today he is pursuing a Masters Degree in Non-Profit Management. Returning to High Point, he became owner and manager of Kid Appeal Learning Center, where he and his wife Angela have since worked hard to make it a 5-Star childcare center. In addition he is also sales, marketing, and consultant to Davis Moss Solutions Provider and has served as a Gilford County Commissioner for 12 years.

"I see this campaign as your opportunity and responsibility to decide who you believe will best represent you and do the best job working on the issues that affect each and everyone of us."

-- Bruce Davis